Workings of a Heart (Poetry Block 49)

On the coldest day

The heart is warm

On the cruelest lesson

The heart is learning

On the impossible outcome

The heart is patient

On the hardest step

The heart is courageous

On the ones who are despised

The heart loves

On the words that hurt

The heart heals

On the darkest journeys

The heart lights

On the saddest moments

The heart smiles

On the rage-full spirits

The heart ignores

On the saving life

The heart is content

On the last few moments

The heart is at peace


Poet’s Thoughts:

The words from this poem came from a place that really understood what it was like to really let things go.  Things that might seem big to someone, through another’s eyes, could be made small and easy to deal with.  Sometimes it is hard seeing another’s perspective on things, especially when it comes to life.  In this case, no matter what was being thrown at the person, they never saw the negative, it rolled off of them.  They never saw a reason to lash out or entertain the idea.  Yes, they had problems and yes, their life was far from perfect, but they learned to “go with the flow”, pray and keep on moving forward.  Something we learn and can learn to do for ourselves to make the obstacles we face less of a burden. 

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