Caterpillar Dream (Poetry Block 50)

Dreams may seem hard to reach

And sometimes you’re close but not quite there

Then you start to over think

Are my dreams too far for me to care?

Sure it’s easy to let them go

And pretend you never had them

But that would be giving up hope

And trying is what makes them worth it

Like the caterpillar

We become cocooned

Only to awake stronger

With the realization our dreams will be reality soon

We hesitate in the beginning

Not sure of whom we might become

But like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly

We risk never knowing so it’s worth the run

Worth the run to the other side

Where our beautiful in becomes our beautiful outside


Poet’s Thoughts:

Many times we have goals that we set for ourselves, and it makes us proud that we have something to look forward to, when it comes to reaching them.  But, sometimes, things happen.  Life happens and some goals have to be shifted.  What I mean is, their priority needs to be shifted.  Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just might take a little longer to achieve, but that doesn’t make you any less of a person because you didn’t accomplish them when you wanted.  I’m still in school trying to achieve my Associates in Early Childhood Education.  As much as I think I should have been done with school, it also came to mind that I have also changed my major a few times.  There would be no point in going to school if I’m not going to apply what I learned in the real world.  I love children and I know there is a need for Teachers.  So, naturally, I changed my major.  However, it hasn’t been easy for me, and yet there is not too much more to go.  Sometimes I have to break from school due to personal circumstances.  But when I’m ready to get back up, I am ready to go all the way.  And that’s how it should be with our goals.  Age, status, race should not hinder your goals, however many or however few.  You want to do it, then do it.  But make sure you are smart about it and you really want it.  There is no need to rush, take your time.  Someone might be watching your progress and they might determine you’re ready ahead of time.  And that miracle you’re looking for, is more than likely a lot closer than you think, to achieving your goals.


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