The Real Carousel (Poetry Block 51)

Beautiful but untouchable

Quaint and amazing

The ghost of a silhouette

Paint chipped from age

Ancient in its use

Webs that serve more of a strong hold

Like a recollection of lost years, well hidden

The eyes of a soul long vanished

With a sadness that’s in unusual presence

Still lingers

Afraid that all has been forgotten

Cast outside, outgrown

In a spiral of artificial comfort

There are darkest corners unknown

But in the end

It’s defined as inevitable

For sometimes the seconds in the moment

Leave a mark, then vanish


Poet’s Thoughts:

In a nutshell, this poem touches on what the past may look like to someone.  Memories, both good and bad that you always keep, don’t define you, but they stay with you because they are a part of you.  Over time, life takes us in a different direction, people can move away, people can die, we can meet new people, unforeseen circumstances can happen, etc.  And I think sometimes certain changes can scare us, naturally, but none of it defines us, they serve more as experiences/lessons in our lives.  Or, as someone I love once told me, “I’m not ashamed to be with you because of your scars, your scars are more like a road map to what you came out of and what you come from, that’s where your strength is born.”

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