All the Words are Yours: Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson


All the Words are Yours: Haiku on Love


This collection of Haiku on Love are like mini love letters, or simply mini  love reminders to your significant other.  Love, in and of itself is a beautiful thing to write about and there is nothing more valuable than Love.  Each haiku reminded me of the relationship I have with my fiancee.  Some of the haiku made me cry, others made me smile but I finished the book feeling so lucky in Love.

Here are my favorites:

Wake me like coffee,

sooth me like a cup of tea,

you are all my warmth.


Here, under the stars

and there too, under the clouds

everywhere with you.


I know not the when

or the why of all of this,

I just know it’s you.


I want my days filled

and my nights saturated

with the sound of you.


Do you find comfort

knowing I belong to you,

that I am always yours?


Your soul knew my soul

long before we needed skin

to spend a life in.


Let’s find the places

and let’s do all of the things

we’ve wanted to do.


I hope you can see

how very hard I’m trying

to ease this aching.


I don’t want to know

I don’t want to imagine

a world without you.


You will never feel,

not for a single moment,

that I don’t love you.


I think of your arms

and the soft scent of your neck.

I think of your lips.


I can handle it,

I can handle anything,

if it’s all for you.


There’s time we can waste

and there’s time we must treasure,

please have both with me.


The pieces you lack

are waiting inside me

to find you again.


You are exactly

precisely and perfectly

what I waited for.


Houses are not homes,

we’re not made of brick and stones,

home is you and me.


Let’s just stay in bed

and we’ll let the day dissolve.

Let’s stay lost in sheets.


You are more than words

and the letters that make them,

you are poetry.

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