What’s an Organized Mess?


Well, me! (Lol)

I’m organized when I need to be and when I need to be is when it comes to work, writing and school.  These three, for me, are the most important things.

When it comes to school, I like to work on the assignments in advance, if possible.  Especially, when there’s a research paper, or two, involved.  I don’t like handing assignments in at the last minute, procrastinating or working in small groups.  If I’m taking online courses then the last statement applies.  If I’m on-campus, then I’m good, but I like to push the team to work on their end before the deadline.  I don’t like my grade being depended upon others in the group because I work extremely hard.  Another reason why I prefer online courses to on-campus courses.  I’m much more disciplined online than in class, especially when the class is three hours long!  I actually will not go on any social media because my full focus is being online and attending class.  I happen to love going to school and writing research papers, I  just wish it was cheaper.

When it comes to work, I like to make sure that I’m constantly busy.  If I’m working in an office, I like to make sure my piles of paperwork are organized for not only myself, but someone passing by my desk.  Post-Its are my best friends, Lol.  I like to document when something gets done, which is why I prefer to contact clients or other employees by email.  It leaves a paper trail and is proof of contact.  I do manage to make follow-up phone calls and I document that as well.  Like I said before, I am very organized with my work, that if you ask me a question about it, I can give you an honest, straight-up answer on its progression.  Retail, on the other hand, is harder to keep the organization because people are not so courteous and sometimes employees are very lazy.  I know how hard employees work to keep the store organized and clean, so I make sure to do my part to keep it maintained.  If I have to put something back, I will walk all the way back to where I found it.  It’s just common courtesy, but like common sense, neither one is that common, unfortunately.

Last, but certainly not least, Writing!  Writing is where my OCD kicks in the highest because I have so many projects in the works.  I have separate notebooks for each genre and each title that I write.  Well, it starts off that way, with separate notebooks, then I just type straight onto the computer.  I will write it in its assigned notebook in case I have to travel, I can bring it along.  And not miss a beat.  A funny thing I should add, is this, I don’t like when water touches the page.  I freak out (a little only, Lol) because when water touches paper, it wrinkles and I don’t like it.  I find it hilarious but no matter what, I can’t handle it. (Lol)

Question:  In what aspect of your life is organized?

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