Bullying for Beginners by Sarah Hussain


Bullying for Beginners

Review: ***I do not endorse or agree with bullying people.  This is simply a book meant to be read for entertainment purposes***

A hilarious premise on the positive effects of “Bullying”. In this guide to Bullying, it lists the pros that come from it. It explains how you can achieve full “Bully-On” status. Tips on how to be a successful bully are included, reminding you that “Bullying” is a full time job. A tip is making sure you harass someone at work until a complaint is made, the complaint doesn’t get rectified and the bullying continues. The whole point is to get the victim to feel like the problem. Your task as a bully is simple – to highlight difference, create division, cultivate disharmony. It tells you how to mistreat co-workers that are chipper or proud of their work. Your job is to make sure you make them feel inaccurate and incompetent. Ridiculing your happy-go-lucky co-workers are prime. Give projects to your team that they don’t have resources to achieve. Invade their personal space, talk about them in hushed whispers with others, cram them so that they don’t have space to move. Make sure you micro manage them and give them an assignment and when it’s nearly done to cancel the entire thing and blame them. Make sure you criticize, criticize, criticize! Be a part of the problem, not the solution!

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