Who is there? Two Tales of the Unknown by Yasir Sulaiman


Who is there?


There are 2 tales in this book, Raziere and Silence.  Raziere focuses on the importance of staying awake during history class and explains why history is so important to us.  Knowing the origins of a civilization help us see how we’ve evolved and hopefully can learn from past mistakes.  In this tale,  Raziere is a trapped soul in a locket that wants to make things right, but he has to travel back to the past to save his people.  After a kid named Bhavan buys the locket off a fisherman he learns about its meaning and the trapped soul, engaging in a mission with three of his friends to correct the past in order to save the future.

In the second tale, Silence deals more with love, tragedy and helping a lost soul move on.  A 14 year old named Payal, along with her brother, Purab, and their parents are forced to move to a very remote city.  But something is off when they get there – it’s completely silent!  There is no noise, no loud conversations, no lights after 10!  Unknown to them they are living in a haunted house, but brave Payal is determined to discover the truth behind these hauntings.  She befriends the lost soul named Aman and through him discovers what happened over a decade ago and why silence is golden in this city.  He was falsely killed and now Payal understands the reasons.  But Aman needs Payal’s help to put his soul, and the soul of his friend, Pari, to rest.  Payal learns the truth of a terrible tragedy and decides to help Aman.

Both stories, in their own way are remarkable and are filled with adventure, taking you on an emotional rollercoaster.  They weave through the past with tragedy and love, giving you a glimpse of the after affects of choices and truths.  One point of constructive criticism with these stories is for it to be edited better in order for the stories to be received better.  It doesn’t impact the overall read, but should be considered.

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