The Demon Rolmar by A.V. Griffin


The Demon Rolmar


A novella in which demons rule the world and have the right to obliterate planets that aren’t of worthy resources.  The Demon, Rolmar, is set to destroy Earth, claiming it will be an easy destruction because of the way humanity exists on Earth.  He decides to visit the planet and he appears to certain people in various forms.  He causes some destruction while he’s on the planet, along with some other surprises.  However, Rolmar’s mission to destroy Earth becomes conflicted when 2 kids question his reasoning for its annihilation.  Along with the 2 kids, a woman named Linda is having a hard time understanding Rolmar’s true intentions on Earth after she befriends his child-like persona.  Earth’s survival rests upon a handful of people that don’t even know each other, but have a common enemy – The Demon Rolmar!

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