Dark(ish): A Collection of Dark Poetry by Hannah Herrera




Dark(ish) is a refreshing collection of poetry that speaks to themes people are afraid to delve into. It allows you to feel the writer’s emotions that have been coursing through her very veins. Beautiful, dark and edgy, what poetry is about and what you are introduced to within the collection. Hannah isn’t afraid to take your hand, then drop you unexpectedly and leave you to your own devices. While this collection, as a whole, burns brightly in my mind, there are favorites that have left their mark: Where sleeping demons lie, Apollo’s Raven, Poe(m), Dark(ish), After Word, Overflow, Moth Soul, Purgatory, Green, The Victim, Black Venom, and Soul Mates. Then there are these three that hit the nail on the head: The Crow helped me, Final Words and Bide.

Blacker Against the Deep Dark by Alexander Zelenyj


Blacker Against the Deep Dark


If you don’t know the name Alexander Zelenyj,  you are missing out on a spec fiction writer of our time.  Blacker Against the Deep Dark is an ingenious collection of strangeness and imagination.  Each story paints a picture beyond anything you’ve ever read and takes you to a place of creativity and oddity.  Alexander opens our minds to known subject matters and casts them in a light of raw and uncomfortable emotions.  A literary masterpiece that gives a refreshing perspective of the human mind.  Favorites include Blacker Against the Deep Dark, Highway of Lost Women, The Priests, We are Lightless Inside, The Black Winged and Burning, The Bloodmilk People, Moondogs, The Flies will be here soon, Christ on the Sun, Where Wickedness Walks, Private Poison, Spiderpartment and In Rooms Empty but for you.

Dragon Zoo Apocalypse by Martyn Perry and Simon Carter


Dragon Zoo Apocalypse


Dragons that once could be admired in a zoo, have now escaped, wiping out most, if not all of humanity.  In London, there is a band of survivors huddled together walking down the street looking for shelter.  Their leader, Rake, is looking for something more, a building that may still have power (thanks to solar panels – if working).  Their journey is more of a run of bad luck when they are spotted by scuttlers (small dragons that contain venoumous bites) and an alpha prowler.  Once they spot the building, a friend gets left behind to be dragon food while the rest escape to the found building.  However, they aren’t out of the woods yet, because the scuttlers and alpha prowler are just a few feet behind them trying to find a way into the building.  They split up and while half are out to try and secure the building from the dragons.  Rake goes off and tries to find the server room where the computers are in need of a connection.  He wants to know why this happened?  What caused the dragons to escape and how?  But time is running out for them as the dragons discover new opportunities to try to break through the temporary reinforcement.  There is still some adventure and hope within the story.


The Devil’s Dreamland: Poetry inspired by H.H. Holmes by Sara Tantlinger


The Devil’s Dreamland


Interestingly detailed and more than moderately disturbing are the poems written by Ms. Tantlinger, about Dr. H. H. Holmes.  Sara uses her voice to wield you into the life and mind of the doctor himself, along with his victims and people closest to him.  I gravatated to these poems because I had heard of the great Dr. H. H. Holmes, but never knew the real story behind the brilliant formation of his monster mind.  After reading the first one, I was caught in a web of gore, intrigue and I wasn’t getting out now.  I wanted to know more about this doctor, his way of capturing his victims and the way he got rid of them, and Sara did not disappoint with the poetry written inspired by him.  She takes you into the deepest and darkest crevices of his mind and you are left as a victim yourself.  A victim of reading words that describe the horror that befell his real life victims.  The conceptualization of taking such a monster and putting him on a pedastal of words is refreshingly creative.  Ms. Tantlinger has done it again!

Walk of Faith Journal by Virginia Martin


Walk of Faith Journal


The Walk of Faith journal is second in the “Journals to Remember Series” and starts each page off with a positive bible verse.  It is meant to encourage you to write about your personal walk of faith.  There are also some positive quotes within the journal that may inspire you to write about them or write your own.  The end of the Journal contains reflective questions and extra journaling pages to write down your answers.  Some reflective questions include, “What are you thankful for?”, “What prayers has God answered?”, and “What bible questions do you need answered?”.