Phoenix Element Collection by Jennifer Kibble


Phoenix Element Collection


The Phoenix Element is now in a collection where you can read about Anya, Kasiff and all of their friends in one place.  Let’s begin now…The Phoenix Element collection consists of Normality Twisted, Mages of Vane and Reality Break.  In Normality Twisted, JB aka Jennibelle discovers she is much more than human, she is a reincarnated princess named Anya.  Kyle, also known as Kasiff, befriends her and together they discover her powers of fire and they work together to help her grasp her new identity.  Things get complicated when she finds out she has a rayasha – being from another plane of existence, attached to her and she is evil.  In Mages of Vane, the dark entity (Ashima) is no longer attached to Anya and that’s a relief, but it doesn’t mean she’s out of the woods yet.  The dark entity wants to wreak havoc upon the world.  Vane is a magic school and Anya, Kasiff and some friends are there learning about different magical elements and techniques.  There are both good and bad mages and Anya discovers who the leader of the Order of Blood is and it’s shocking.  There are some that sacrifice themselves for the greater good of Vane but is it enough?  In Reality Break, the concluding book in the series wraps it up with more magic, a fight to the finish and one hell of a reality check.  Anya and Kasiff must find an ancient relic that can help end Ashima’s reign of destruction and they have to hope it works, because, Earth is next on her list of places to destroy.

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