Blacker Against the Deep Dark by Alexander Zelenyj


Blacker Against the Deep Dark


If you don’t know the name Alexander Zelenyj,  you are missing out on a spec fiction writer of our time.  Blacker Against the Deep Dark is an ingenious collection of strangeness and imagination.  Each story paints a picture beyond anything you’ve ever read and takes you to a place of creativity and oddity.  Alexander opens our minds to known subject matters and casts them in a light of raw and uncomfortable emotions.  A literary masterpiece that gives a refreshing perspective of the human mind.  Favorites include Blacker Against the Deep Dark, Highway of Lost Women, The Priests, We are Lightless Inside, The Black Winged and Burning, The Bloodmilk People, Moondogs, The Flies will be here soon, Christ on the Sun, Where Wickedness Walks, Private Poison, Spiderpartment and In Rooms Empty but for you.

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