Dragon Zoo Apocalypse by Martyn Perry and Simon Carter


Dragon Zoo Apocalypse


Dragons that once could be admired in a zoo, have now escaped, wiping out most, if not all of humanity.  In London, there is a band of survivors huddled together walking down the street looking for shelter.  Their leader, Rake, is looking for something more, a building that may still have power (thanks to solar panels – if working).  Their journey is more of a run of bad luck when they are spotted by scuttlers (small dragons that contain venoumous bites) and an alpha prowler.  Once they spot the building, a friend gets left behind to be dragon food while the rest escape to the found building.  However, they aren’t out of the woods yet, because the scuttlers and alpha prowler are just a few feet behind them trying to find a way into the building.  They split up and while half are out to try and secure the building from the dragons.  Rake goes off and tries to find the server room where the computers are in need of a connection.  He wants to know why this happened?  What caused the dragons to escape and how?  But time is running out for them as the dragons discover new opportunities to try to break through the temporary reinforcement.  There is still some adventure and hope within the story.


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