The Devil’s Dreamland: Poetry inspired by H.H. Holmes by Sara Tantlinger


The Devil’s Dreamland


Interestingly detailed and more than moderately disturbing are the poems written by Ms. Tantlinger, about Dr. H. H. Holmes.  Sara uses her voice to wield you into the life and mind of the doctor himself, along with his victims and people closest to him.  I gravatated to these poems because I had heard of the great Dr. H. H. Holmes, but never knew the real story behind the brilliant formation of his monster mind.  After reading the first one, I was caught in a web of gore, intrigue and I wasn’t getting out now.  I wanted to know more about this doctor, his way of capturing his victims and the way he got rid of them, and Sara did not disappoint with the poetry written inspired by him.  She takes you into the deepest and darkest crevices of his mind and you are left as a victim yourself.  A victim of reading words that describe the horror that befell his real life victims.  The conceptualization of taking such a monster and putting him on a pedastal of words is refreshingly creative.  Ms. Tantlinger has done it again!

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