Dark(ish): A Collection of Dark Poetry by Hannah Herrera




Dark(ish) is a refreshing collection of poetry that speaks to themes people are afraid to delve into. It allows you to feel the writer’s emotions that have been coursing through her very veins. Beautiful, dark and edgy, what poetry is about and what you are introduced to within the collection. Hannah isn’t afraid to take your hand, then drop you unexpectedly and leave you to your own devices. While this collection, as a whole, burns brightly in my mind, there are favorites that have left their mark: Where sleeping demons lie, Apollo’s Raven, Poe(m), Dark(ish), After Word, Overflow, Moth Soul, Purgatory, Green, The Victim, Black Venom, and Soul Mates. Then there are these three that hit the nail on the head: The Crow helped me, Final Words and Bide.

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