Phoenix Element Collection by Jennifer Kibble

Phoenix Element Collection Review: The Phoenix Element is now in a collection where you can read about Anya, Kasiff and all of their friends in one place.  Let’s begin now…The Phoenix Element collection consists of Normality Twisted, Mages of Vane and Reality Break.  In Normality Twisted, JB aka Jennibelle discovers she is much more than human, she is a reincarnated princess named Anya.  Kyle, also known as Kasiff, befriends her and together they discover her powers of fire and they work together to help her grasp her new identity.  Things get complicated when she finds out she has a rayasha … Continue reading Phoenix Element Collection by Jennifer Kibble

Girls and Their Monsters

Hello There!  Guess what topic this post will be about?… Yep, that’s right!  My love for the Creature from the Black Lagoon. This love has stemmed from an early age of being introduced to the movie by my father and his love of monster movies like this one.  But out of all the classic Hollywood monsters, the Creature is by far, my favorite.  There are two sequels that precede it, Revenge of the Creature and The Creature Walks Among Us.  No, I haven’t seen them yet, but they are on my “To Watch” list. The biggest connection for me, about … Continue reading Girls and Their Monsters

EAT THIS! 365 Reasons to Stop Dieting by Mary McHugh

EAT THIS! 365 Reasons to Stop Dieting   Review: A humorous set of reasons to really stop dieting. Reasons like #8: You’re eating for two (you and your evil self), Reason #15: Children will love to sit on your lap, Reason #18: There are 49 million plus-size women in this country. You don’t want to feel left out! And these are just a small handful of favorite reasons to get your mind thinking why you should stop and just enjoy life. Size is just a number and it can go up and it can go down. The point is to … Continue reading EAT THIS! 365 Reasons to Stop Dieting by Mary McHugh