Mental Health Awareness – My side of Depression & Cutting

  I know it is the last day in May to address the theme of “Mental Awareness”, however, this is an ongoing awareness.  All year long people struggle with mental illnesses.  It doesn’t hurt to be informed about mental illnesses and how to carefully handle those that suffer from them.  My story can be similar or different from those that suffer from mental illnesses.  My particular mental illness is Depression.  Depression, for me, comes in different degrees, it can go either really extreme (thoughts of cutting), or just barely scratch the surface (resulting in crying). Depression has caused me to cut … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness – My side of Depression & Cutting

Time (Poetry Block 52)

There is never enough, yet there is plenty. Even when you’ve paused, it continues.   Whatever holds you back, please, let it go. It is soon to wither in the wind.   It is precious, you must take care of it. Once it is lost, it cannot be retrieved.   Be careful of unspoken words, because even silent words collect dust. Don’t wait to speak what’s on your mind.   Cherish the moment, in the here and now. What is past has passed. But what lies ahead may change.   Embrace often. Love always.   This gift should not be … Continue reading Time (Poetry Block 52)

Quotes are Life… by Niki Kawa

Quotes are Life Review: A seven year-old was inspired to share some of her favorite quotes with those willing to read.  Each quote has a beautiful hand-drawn illustration to go along with it.  Quotes are words that can help encourage people as simple as they may be.  They can also make you laugh, cry, think, show support, there’s quotes for anything.  After reading this collection, there are some that I have favored: “If you treat every situation as a life-and-death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.” – Van Wilder “I do not feel any age yet.  There is no … Continue reading Quotes are Life… by Niki Kawa

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration by Mack “Cordell” Moore

Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration Review: This collection has a short introduction that explains that the poetry is meant to be read for those who believe or don’t believe in Jesus Christ.  The purpose is to renew or strengthen people’s faith in God, hoping that people will be encouraged/inspired by the poems.  The grammar portion on some could have been tightened and content flow could have been presented a little better.  There were some poems that had shared the same lines even though they were separate poems.  Overall, message was received, and there are some favorites among the collection:  Life … Continue reading Cordell’s Poems of Spiritual Inspiration by Mack “Cordell” Moore