The Wachuga Project by Douglas E. Wolfert


The Wachuga Project


Jeremy Barnard is the son of a top notch attorney, Francis Barnard, and he wishes to be like his father one day.  The only problem is that he has a stuttering problem.  His father hates him because of this and treats him like an idiot.  Jeremy’s mother along with his girlfriend, Samantha, don’t seem bothered by his stuttering.  Things take an unexpected turn when Jeremy’s mother dies of cancer leaving him alone.  Jeremy does end up doing well for himself by marrying his best friend, Samantha and landing a job at a firm working for Mr. Jacobson.  It is through Mr. Jacobson that he comes into contact with his client, Calvin Ortiz.  Jeremy was supposed to meet up with Calvin to get paperwork signed and that’s it, but the trip ends up being more than what he bargained for.  Calvin introduces the wachuga plant to Jeremy and his life is never the same.  There is a hidden agenda at play and more lives are put in jeopardy because of it.  The plant has a supernatural effect on Jeremy and he becomes addicted to its nectar, mainly because it cured him of his stuttering issue.  All was great up until the unknown side effects were getting worse.  In a turn of events, Jeremy learns of a horrible truth regarding the wachuga plant, but is it too late to go back or is Jeremy going to break under the wachuga plant spell?

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