A Vow – A Collection of Love Poems by Aurelien Thomas


A Vow – A Collection of Love Poems


A Vow, not just a collection of love poems, but a magical journey of Love.  Each poem has its own thoughtful praise and recognition that is tied to a vow.  Many made me reflect on my own personal experiences back when I was dating, then when I got married.  Love is the center of all things in life and that’s what makes life so beautiful.  There are five parts to ‘A Vow’ and they are Love, Lust, Sickness, Health and We Belong.  In Love, I found A Rise (For Love is not a Fall) and A Garden.  In Lust, I found A Thought and A Journey.  In Sickness, I found An Argument, A Yearning, A Blossoming and A Thank You.  In Health, I found A Bunch of Smiles and A Hand.  In We Belong, I found A Calling and A Vow.  A beautiful collection that captures the essence of truly loving every bit of somebody you hold dear, especially when you decide to take that next step called Marriage.

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