To Be Devoured by Sara Tantlinger


To Be Devoured


“Having vultures minimized to the size of bacteria, have them placed in bodies, flying through the blood stream, veins, bones, organs, everything.  Having them soar through and clean out all the bad parts – the cancer, the tumors, the build up of what will one day bring our fleshy husks down into the unloving dirt.  Eat away the bad parts – for me, eat away my sadness, the sticky, bitter feelings with their rage inside my body, cloying my will to live some days.  Most days.”

To Be Devoured certainly has locked its claws into my brain tissue and taken it for a ride.  Never read so many ‘what the hell?’ moments and thought about how this could really end.  Many possibilities and as the truth started unraveling, it canceled all of those possibilities, and I was left with a sense of hope that perhaps it could go the other way.  My eyes and mind are still suffering the aftermath of what it’s like to be devoured.  But, in a very oddly, fantastic way.  Ms. Tantlinger has definitely created an out-of-your-mind masterpiece that will make you want to reflect on your own sanity.  The troubling realization is that you’re never under the impression that your obsessions can lead to a crippling madness…or maybe it’s because you are aware that it does, that you let it take over.

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