Out of the Fire and Into the Pan by Shannon O’Leary


Out of the Fire and Into the Pan


The Blood on my Hands was a roller coaster of emotions and very hard to read through without feeling some type of way.  It’s counterpart, Out of the Fire and Into the Pan, is no easier to digest.  The trauma continues from the age of 15 all the way into adulthood.  The aftermath has left several people, Shannon included, in an array of broken pieces of self.  The struggles are real and screaming out to find a way to cope; but how does one really cope when the pain is so far etched in the skin, in the mind that you feel so far gone? Shannon does manage to find a man named David and they grow a family together, but then there are signs of him spiraling down into drugs and it becomes a trigger for Shannon and it feels like a terrible repeat of history.  Something about this life reminds her of her father, the last person she would ever want to remember.  Things/Life get a bit easier and success eventually finds its way through in her personal/professional life.  In reading, The Blood on my Hands and Out of the Fire and Into the Pan, you read just how much strength is found in one person and how much it took to discover it.


Author: cristinaisabelauthor

I love reading books as much as I love writing them. I enjoy drinking all sorts of teas and eating dark chocolate. When I need a trip back down to earth, I watch Seinfeld for comedy relief in this serious world. I'm a kid at heart that still enjoys receiving stuffed animals as gifts. I'm a Star Wars fan with the Nightmare Before Christmas as my theme music.

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