Melancholy Dreams – Surviving the Battle of Depression/Poetry celebrating Mental Health Awareness

Hello Fans!  I’m sorry for being so “away” from you guys.  There has been a lot going on since the COVID-19 pandemic.  People I know personally have struggled mentally because of this pandemic, among other things, and that is the topic of choice:  Mental Awareness.  There are different types and there are different ways in which people can cope with them.  My cup of tea is Depression.  Over time, I have dealt with Depression in not a constructive way, whether I drank myself away or cut myself down (literally!).  I am not ashamed because I have cut myself multiple times trying to cope with my Depression, but I can say I have learned new ways in which to cope.  Talking to someone, at first, was not an option, but it is now.  Also, I have learned that since speaking is not always easy, writing is!

It is a challenge to help someone who might be suffering from Depression.  You never know if you will end up adding to the triggers.  From personal experience, I always appreciated when someone offered their ear to listen, that’s it.  To me, someone willing to truly listen was what made Depression easier for me to cope.  Now, I offer my ear to listen to those who are going through different stages of Depression.

I have been working on another poetry collection, Melancholy Dreams – Surviving the Battle of Depression.  This book is important to me because I had to gather my thoughts on what I was feeling when I was depressed.  Broken down into 3 parts: Part 1 – The Beginning Triggers, Part 2 – Into the Darkness and Part 3 – The Aftermath; I take you to what started it all and how I’ve come out of it.  By no means has it been an easy journey, but one I am still walking on. 

What I did learn from my Depression is just how strong I really am on the inside.  I am not ashamed for what my Depression has put me through, because then I wouldn’t be able to talk to others who have experienced the same mental illness.

To end with a wonderful note, I have this to say.  Please, be patient to those who suffer or have suffered from Depression.  You may not understand why they go back and forth with their emotions, and that one day they may be up or may be down.  Encourage them instead and give positive reinforcements to get them out of that mind set.  Don’t fight with them, instead reach out your hand to them.  On the outside, they look alright but on the inside they’re screaming for help.  Please be that help.  Let them know you care.

I love you guys!

❤ Stay Safe and Take care of YOU!

❤ Cristina Isabel

(If you are interested in delving deeper and aren’t afraid to read my thoughts, here is the kindle link to Melancholy Dreams – Surviving the Battle of Depression –> Surviving the Battle of Depression)

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