Word of 2022: ENERGY

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So, I read a post my mom wrote in regard to having a word for 2022: (https://authorvirginiamartin.com/2021/12/07/word-for-2022-breakthrough/) and decided I wanted to have a word for 2022: ENERGY.

Last year was filled with a lot of challenges that dealt with dealing with certain energies from people (mostly negative), and it was very difficult not to match it. You know, fight fire with fire type attitude. But it takes so much more to just breathe and walk away not letting it get to you at all. This year I promised myself I wouldn’t let any negative energy in, and I would do whatever it took to keep my mental peace of mind. It’s easy to listen and want to react when someone says something that isn’t true, but you ultimately know what really happened, how things really went down and you don’t have to answer to anybody.

Because of all that happened last year, I found that the way to deal with the negative energy(ies) is to ignore them. IGNORE THEM?! Easier said than done but when you go through experiences you learn how to cope and deal with them. I learned not to give the energy(ies) attention. Let them die out, bounce off! And if it helps scream out loud, “YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!” 🙂

No bad energy(ies)! No bad vibes! SHOOOO them away!!! Your mental peace of mind is so important so if people you know are toxic, cut them loose. If your environment is toxic, leave. You are not forced to stay somewhere because you think you can’t do better or get better. You can! Nobody can take better care of you than you so remember that when you feel your energy being depleted. And if you happen to come across it and can’t shake it off go for a walk. Breathe in and out and just walk the trail or walk outside away from the bad energy(ies). You owe it to yourself. So, take care of yourself and love yourself hard. ❤

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  1. I love this word, Energy. It is powerful. It is easy to match energies, especially the negative ones, which leave you drained and upset you didn’t rise above it. As you mentioned, it is a conscious effort on your part, not to and use your positive energy to offset it. Yes, easier said than done. I am an empath and I easily pick up people’s energy, good or bad, and emotions. It is a mind over matter thing to, you just have to practice and definitely walk away from negativity, even if it is around the block or outside to get air as you mentioned. All the best for you with this word. Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed reading it.

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