Hiker, Educator and Author, Oh my! / Jiji Talmas

AUTHOR BIO: JiJi Talmas also known as “Ms. JiJi” was born in a small town near the sea until she moved far away to a land of snow and the Rocky Mountains. Before she started writing books, JiJi got a graduate degree in Early Childhood Education. After that, just to shake things up, she achieved the award of Excellence for her contribution to public education and later on, received the Kathleen Stroud Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership in supporting families and children’s education. She loves to write books and short stories to educate and connect with children using beautiful illustration … Continue reading Hiker, Educator and Author, Oh my! / Jiji Talmas


Howdy! How has everyone’s new year started off? Mine (Brrrr…): Experienced snow in the lovely state of North Carolina towards the end of January. The roads were iced but that didn’t stop people from driving. The husband and I were nicely bundled so we didn’t feel much of the cooler air (except on the face!). Just wanted to stop in and see how everyone is doing and to share an amazing experience (see above). Also, to say, Happy Year of the Tiger! (ROAR) 😉 Tune in for an update on this year’s book projects (coming soon, I promise!) Feel free … Continue reading ROAR: HAPPY YEAR OF THE TIGER