Book Review: For My Beloved: Love Poems by Virginia Martin

Rating: * * * * *

Book Review:

For my beloved really caters to the notion that love is very much alive, and you finish reading feeling more loved and knowing you should be loved. While I had many favorites this is by far, one of my favorites:

“I want someone to find me

that looks at me

and sees what is inside

with his heart

all wrapped in love”

There are 3 sections to this wonderful love poetry collection: Part 1 (Power of Love/Seeking Love), Part 2 (New Love/In Love) and Part 3 (Past Love/Second Chance Love). This collection will have you falling in love with love and realizing everyone, yourself included, just wants to be loved. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The author even added some empty journal pages at the end of this collection so that you can write your own love poems or at least be inspired to write your feelings/thoughts about love.

Other favorites: Love is a soft kiss – in the middle of a storm – a rainbow after rain – simple and complex – a hug from a friend – love is you and me – as one – on our wedding day and Love is not a two-way street – it’s a five-lane highway.

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