Supporting Small Business

Lil Rag Doll Sloth Pin, $10

Outside of writing, I’ve also been working on a small pin business. It’s called, Pin Tied Too!

My pins currently are a mix of sloth and favorite characters from movies, anime, etc. My first pin is Lil Rag Doll Sloth Pin and she’s currently in my new shop:

I also have a few sloths pin projects underway and like all artists I could use an extra hand. I have pins from my personal collection on sale in my shop to help offset the costs of pin production. I also have 4 pre-orders in my shop: Lil Skelly Sloth pin ($8.50), Lil Frosty Sloth pin ($10.50), Lil Demon Sister Sloth pin ($10.50) and Lil Sloth Mates pin (Valentine’s Exclusive) ($13.50).

Apart from the pins, I also have Lil Rag Doll Sloth sticker strips ($3) and Lil Mental Health Sloth sticker strips ($3) for sale.

Sometimes people don’t know how to support and it’s okay to make any kind of contribution, be it big or small. Whether you buy 1 or 4 items in my shop all funds go back towards my pin business to help fund my sloth pin projects. And for that, I Thank you all!!

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