Happy Halloween Month & Happy World Mental Health Day!

Everyone who knows me knows that Halloween is like a second birthday. I always find a way to dress up and be as crazy looking as possible (Lol). I watch Halloween movies and have a Halloween marathon. The Nightmare Before Christmas obviously being my absolute favorite movie, obviously! (Lol)…And of course, we can’t forget the sweets!!!!

But for me, October is a month filled with a lot of special dates. I get to celebrate certain friends & family that were born in this month. Mental Illness Awareness also belongs to October (World Mental Health Day – October 10) as well as Pregnancy & Infant Loss (October 15). We also share awareness for Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Down Syndrome and so many others.

I also get to celebrate my Wedding Anniversary (October 20)!!!!! This year, the hubby and I are celebrating 3 years together. Yes, we’ve made it to Level 3 Player Status. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We normally would be traveling to St. Augustine to celebrate as this is our traditional place to celebrate. It’s where we had our honeymoon, but we decided to do something different this year. We will not be traveling to St. Augustine but a new place, a new adventure. We also share our date with International Sloth Day and sloths happen to be my favorite animals and this was unknown to me until a year ago! It was very cool to find this out and speaking of sloths….AHEM!…..[INSERTS CUTE FACE] [*WHISPERS* I sell sloth pins and you can check it out here –> pintiedtoo.bigcartel.com]

Last, certainly never least is Halloween at the end of the month!!! YAY!!! Please be safe and have fun! Prayers for everyone around the world. Challenges have come and gone, and we get stronger with each trial. Together.

Please, enjoy some funny, cute Halloween pics.

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