A Sudden Terror (Volume 1)


          Joseph Brill was a businessman for the government. He was always in pursuit of paying off people willing to do dirty work. All across the world he’s paid off certain people to perform certain tasks. He was good at persuading. Too good. Joseph was in search of a surgeon for a particular experiment funded by the government. He found one. Doctor Zimmerman Slicks.

        “Doctor Zimmerman Slicks?” Joseph Brill inquired looking at a man with salt and pepper hair firmly gelled back in a professional manner. Slight creases at the edge of his eyes and underneath them were bags that had started to form.

            When the doctor looked at Joseph he nodded to the mention of his name and extended his hand. Joseph smiled and shook it.

            “How can I help you?”

            ”The name’s Joseph Brill and I have a business proposition for you.”

            Dr. Slicks removed his gloves tossed them into the red plastic hazard bag hanging from the wall. He had just finished stitching a patient up having heart surgery then began rinsing his hands. Dr. Slicks grabbed a paper towel.

            “Let’s have a chat in my office” Dr. Slicks offered and walked down a narrow hallway.

            Joseph followed into the doctor’s office, “Please, take a seat.” Dr. Slicks volunteered, closing the door to his office. Joseph sat, eager to speak about his deal.

            “So, what’s this business proposition Mr. Uh?”

             “Brill, Joseph Brill. Well, Doctor Slicks, the government is funding a neat little experiment and my job is to hire out people to fit a certain part of the experiment”.

            Doctor Slicks removed his glasses, wiped them and adjusted them on his nose. Mr. Brill picked up his briefcase, placing it on the desk as he continued talking.

             “We would hire you out as the only doctor in town. The rest would simply…disappear.”

            Mr. Brill pulled out some documents shut his briefcase and placed it back on the floor.

            “What do you need me to do Mr. Brill?” Doctor Slicks asked folding his hands over his desk. He unfolded them when Mr. Brill handed him the documents.

“Just this.”


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