Hi there! The name’s Cristina Isabel and I welcome you to my page. I’m a bit hung up at the moment but feel free to browse around, read posts and book reviews or even sign up to be a guest on my website. It’s very easy and very fun! (I promise!) Just click “Guest Request” to get started. I love featuring artists of all kinds on my website so that we can all network and support each other.

Now, about me…well, I’m a nerd (in a nutshell!). I love Star Wars and Star Trek. The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie making Halloween my favorite holiday, plus my Wedding Anniversary is October 20th! I’m a kid at heart who loves stuffed sloth animals and making forts with home furniture. Creature from the Black Lagoon is my favorite Universal monster and in between all the fandoms I’m an otaku and I’m obsessed with Junji Ito! *inserts pauses* Lol

Recently, found a new love in Studio Ghibli’s, “Howl’s Moving Castle” falling in love with the movie and the book. It’s stories like these or the ones in manga that inspire me to want to write my own. My heart does belong to writing poetry, and I’ve written 6 collections so far (Break the Chains, Be Freed Within/Love and All its Condiments/Beat your heart out/Poetry is not dead/Melancholy Dreams – Surviving the Battle of Depression/Haiku for you), and 1 horror fiction novelette (A Sudden Terror – Volume 1).


I do speak in fluid movie quotes!

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