Kayda has the ability to cause temporary blindness to her enemies in order to read their minds. But that’s not all she can do with her power. And she’s not the only one with a special ability. Andon has the power to change his surroundings, something he likes to call the “Visual Effect”. He can manipulate any surrounding to avoid danger. Pretty neat, right? Well, unfortunately it’s created a problem for authorities. Then, in comes Barin, another person with special abilities. But his are extremely dangerous. He has the ability to show you your past, the good and bad of it; as well as being able to show you the future, the good and bad of it. The only problem is that he can alter either outcome for his benefit. Andon isn’t so sure of Barin’s true intentions to help them. Can they come together and use their powers to defend themselves or will Barin get away with wiping them out from existence?

Release date: TBD