To Read or Not to Read:

So, it goes without saying that I absolutely love to read. But apart from reading, I also do reviews of the books I’m reading and share them so that others can find books to add to their list. I am always open to read and review anybody’s book(s), reading mostly any genre with poetry, horror and manga taking precedence.

To have your book(s) read and reviewed, please read below:

  1. If you are interested in an honest, unbiased review please email me at: authorcristinaisabel (@) and in the subject line of the email: Book Review Request. Please include a synopsis of the book, book cover pic, page count and what formats you have available. While I prefer paperback, I will happily accept a kindle version.
  2. I ask that you give me some time to respond to your request as I have plenty on my TBR pile.
  3. If for some reason, I can’t finish the book I will let you know. If the rating is low, I will also let you know in the review. No matter the reason or rating, I will always clarify in my review what prompted me to give out the chosen rating.
  4. The review will get posted to my Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads and my website for all to read. The review will contain a picture of the book cover, my rating and my review in the post.
  5. You can also submit a request through the Contact page.

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