Book Review Requests

Book Review Rules:

  1. Please email me @ authorcristinaisabel (at) and in the subject line type: Book Review Request.
  2. In the body of the email please type in the name, synopsis and page count.  If you would like to add cover art image it is not required but appreciated.  
  3. Once I read a book I write an amazon review, the review also gets posted to my website, Goodreads, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook page.  If you have somewhere else, you’d like me to post the review you may also include the link(s) in the email.
  4. The review posted will be completely and 100% unbiased and I will include in my review the likes/dislikes of the book as a whole.  Rating included in the review.
  5.  I would prefer Mobi or PDF format.  I am willing to review almost anything that sounds intriguing in these categories: poetry, horror, romantic suspense, fantasy, true crime, manga, graphic novels – just to name a few.  Just email me what category and I still might read and review it. 🙂

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