Book Review Requests

Hi There! 🙂

This page is actually dedicated to both readers and writers.

To my readers, if you are in need of something to read and are interested in what I have written, but don’t have a copy, please let me know and I will send you one at my earliest convenience.  As of right now, paperbacks (which can be purchased on Amazon) and PDF files are available.  I am still working on mobi files.

Now, for my writers, if you are looking for someone to read your written works, please email me at: authorcristinaisabel (at) gmail (.com).  Or, to make it easier, you can also leave a comment below with a request for a review.  While I do always accept paperbacks because I absolutely love the feel of them, I will also accept PDF and MOBI files for reading.

I will ask that you please give me a few days to respond to your request.  Most genres I will read, if it sounds interesting and has piqued my interest, I’ll read it.  I currently have a handful of requests that I am currently going through but if you don’t have a set deadline for the review to be posted, then I would be happy to add it to the list.  Trust me, as many requests as I get, I have a list of what I need to read.  In case you feared that I would forget, I won’t.  I’m that organized! 😉

Thank you in advance.

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