Time (Poetry Block 52)

There is never enough, yet there is plenty. Even when you’ve paused, it continues.   Whatever holds you back, please, let it go. It is soon to wither in the wind.   It is precious, you must take care of it. Once it is lost, it cannot be retrieved.   Be careful of unspoken words, because even silent words collect dust. Don’t wait to speak what’s on your mind.   Cherish the moment, in the here and now. What is past has passed. But what lies ahead may change.   Embrace often. Love always.   This gift should not be … Continue reading Time (Poetry Block 52)

The Real Carousel (Poetry Block 51)

Beautiful but untouchable Quaint and amazing The ghost of a silhouette Paint chipped from age Ancient in its use Webs that serve more of a strong hold Like a recollection of lost years, well hidden The eyes of a soul long vanished With a sadness that’s in unusual presence Still lingers Afraid that all has been forgotten Cast outside, outgrown In a spiral of artificial comfort There are darkest corners unknown But in the end It’s defined as inevitable For sometimes the seconds in the moment Leave a mark, then vanish   Poet’s Thoughts: In a nutshell, this poem touches … Continue reading The Real Carousel (Poetry Block 51)

Caterpillar Dream (Poetry Block 50)

Dreams may seem hard to reach And sometimes you’re close but not quite there Then you start to over think Are my dreams too far for me to care? Sure it’s easy to let them go And pretend you never had them But that would be giving up hope And trying is what makes them worth it Like the caterpillar We become cocooned Only to awake stronger With the realization our dreams will be reality soon We hesitate in the beginning Not sure of whom we might become But like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly We risk never knowing … Continue reading Caterpillar Dream (Poetry Block 50)

Workings of a Heart (Poetry Block 49)

On the coldest day The heart is warm On the cruelest lesson The heart is learning On the impossible outcome The heart is patient On the hardest step The heart is courageous On the ones who are despised The heart loves On the words that hurt The heart heals On the darkest journeys The heart lights On the saddest moments The heart smiles On the rage-full spirits The heart ignores On the saving life The heart is content On the last few moments The heart is at peace   Poet’s Thoughts: The words from this poem came from a place … Continue reading Workings of a Heart (Poetry Block 49)