Time (Poetry Block 52)

There is never enough,

yet there is plenty.

Even when you’ve paused,

it continues.


Whatever holds you back,

please, let it go.

It is soon to wither in the wind.


It is precious,

you must take care of it.

Once it is lost,

it cannot be retrieved.


Be careful of unspoken words,

because even silent words collect dust.

Don’t wait to speak what’s on your mind.


Cherish the moment, in the here and now.

What is past has passed.

But what lies ahead may change.


Embrace often.

Love always.


This gift should not be taken lightly.

Use it wisely.

Because once it slips from your hands,

there is no return to sender.


For this is Time.


Poet’s Thoughts:

One of the many poems featured in the next poetry collection, Poetry is Not Dead (Release Date: June 19th, 2019).  The poem, “Time” really represents how we should be grateful for having it, and not abusing it.  If we have unresolved issues or pending feelings, they should all be placed on the table.  There shouldn’t be any holding back, because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, or even today.  If you are angry at someone, calmly explain to the person, why.  If someone has made you sad, explain to the person, why.  Communication plays such a vital role in relationships and it is important to be able to communicate to all parties involved.  But, there is always a kinder way to express your feelings.  One shouldn’t attack someone because they once felt attacked, this makes you just as bad as them.  Instead, tell that person why you felt attacked because words, as well as actions, can easily become misconstrued.  Pushing someone away or ignoring them doesn’t help any situation, I believe talking about it does.  However, I do understand people need “time”, but don’t take up too much of it.  Regret is a harsher pill to swallow if you don’t speak now to people that have either wronged you or have helped you.  For the same amount of time you take to be angry at someone, really take the time to change the situation for the better, because for that, there is time.  It is easier to stay mad at someone and keep them at distance.  But damage is caused over time and cannot be replaced.  So, why hold it in?  Why not talk about it while you still have the time to do so?



The Real Carousel (Poetry Block 51)

Beautiful but untouchable

Quaint and amazing

The ghost of a silhouette

Paint chipped from age

Ancient in its use

Webs that serve more of a strong hold

Like a recollection of lost years, well hidden

The eyes of a soul long vanished

With a sadness that’s in unusual presence

Still lingers

Afraid that all has been forgotten

Cast outside, outgrown

In a spiral of artificial comfort

There are darkest corners unknown

But in the end

It’s defined as inevitable

For sometimes the seconds in the moment

Leave a mark, then vanish


Poet’s Thoughts:

In a nutshell, this poem touches on what the past may look like to someone.  Memories, both good and bad that you always keep, don’t define you, but they stay with you because they are a part of you.  Over time, life takes us in a different direction, people can move away, people can die, we can meet new people, unforeseen circumstances can happen, etc.  And I think sometimes certain changes can scare us, naturally, but none of it defines us, they serve more as experiences/lessons in our lives.  Or, as someone I love once told me, “I’m not ashamed to be with you because of your scars, your scars are more like a road map to what you came out of and what you come from, that’s where your strength is born.”

Caterpillar Dream (Poetry Block 50)

Dreams may seem hard to reach

And sometimes you’re close but not quite there

Then you start to over think

Are my dreams too far for me to care?

Sure it’s easy to let them go

And pretend you never had them

But that would be giving up hope

And trying is what makes them worth it

Like the caterpillar

We become cocooned

Only to awake stronger

With the realization our dreams will be reality soon

We hesitate in the beginning

Not sure of whom we might become

But like the caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly

We risk never knowing so it’s worth the run

Worth the run to the other side

Where our beautiful in becomes our beautiful outside


Poet’s Thoughts:

Many times we have goals that we set for ourselves, and it makes us proud that we have something to look forward to, when it comes to reaching them.  But, sometimes, things happen.  Life happens and some goals have to be shifted.  What I mean is, their priority needs to be shifted.  Doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just might take a little longer to achieve, but that doesn’t make you any less of a person because you didn’t accomplish them when you wanted.  I’m still in school trying to achieve my Associates in Early Childhood Education.  As much as I think I should have been done with school, it also came to mind that I have also changed my major a few times.  There would be no point in going to school if I’m not going to apply what I learned in the real world.  I love children and I know there is a need for Teachers.  So, naturally, I changed my major.  However, it hasn’t been easy for me, and yet there is not too much more to go.  Sometimes I have to break from school due to personal circumstances.  But when I’m ready to get back up, I am ready to go all the way.  And that’s how it should be with our goals.  Age, status, race should not hinder your goals, however many or however few.  You want to do it, then do it.  But make sure you are smart about it and you really want it.  There is no need to rush, take your time.  Someone might be watching your progress and they might determine you’re ready ahead of time.  And that miracle you’re looking for, is more than likely a lot closer than you think, to achieving your goals.


Workings of a Heart (Poetry Block 49)

On the coldest day

The heart is warm

On the cruelest lesson

The heart is learning

On the impossible outcome

The heart is patient

On the hardest step

The heart is courageous

On the ones who are despised

The heart loves

On the words that hurt

The heart heals

On the darkest journeys

The heart lights

On the saddest moments

The heart smiles

On the rage-full spirits

The heart ignores

On the saving life

The heart is content

On the last few moments

The heart is at peace


Poet’s Thoughts:

The words from this poem came from a place that really understood what it was like to really let things go.  Things that might seem big to someone, through another’s eyes, could be made small and easy to deal with.  Sometimes it is hard seeing another’s perspective on things, especially when it comes to life.  In this case, no matter what was being thrown at the person, they never saw the negative, it rolled off of them.  They never saw a reason to lash out or entertain the idea.  Yes, they had problems and yes, their life was far from perfect, but they learned to “go with the flow”, pray and keep on moving forward.  Something we learn and can learn to do for ourselves to make the obstacles we face less of a burden.