Beat your Heart Out


Beat Your Heart Out


30 Disgusting poems in a horror-filled collection

The Poems:

Smash and Pop

Window Down

Letters are not What you think

A Twist and a Tangle

Beat your Heart Out

Sorry, not Sorry

From Tears to Knives


Heart to Heart


What I know of Demons

I held you, then I killed you

Hungry, Dear?

Go and Play Fetch!

Seduction, but only for a Moment

The Doll Maker

What Was Said

Pieces Consumed

Terrible Thoughts

If he loves me, I hate him

The Chef’s Special

Sitting on your Grave

Dirty Baggage

Head butts of I Love You

Dark Silhouettes


Reckless Love

A Diseased Heart

Predictable Patterns

Target Acquired

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