Break the Chains, Be Freed Within

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Break the Chains, Be Freed Within

About the Book: “Break the Chains, Be Freed Within” is a collection of poems that explore personal experiences, emotions, insight, and battle with depression. They will invoke tears, sadness, and helplessness. Yet they will also offer hope and encouragement. These poems will inspire you to move forward from a dark place, knowing you are not alone, and lighten your spirit. Break away from what keeps you chained, so that you can freely live the life you want.



By B. J. Tiernan on August 30, 2015

Format: Paperback

Break The Chains, Be Freed Within, is a delightful and heartfelt collection of poems. One can get a sense of the personal when reading these poems and can feel the author’s personal involvement with emotion and depression. Coming from a similar background of dealing with these dark moments, I was able to fully relate to the words in most of the poems. We need more poetry in our modern society and when a young person reaches out to create it, I am always impressed. PIECE OF A BROKEN HOME was one of my favorite poems. It hit me where I used to live and reminded me that I don’t have to live like that anymore. Thank you, Cristina Isabel, for showing me that I was never alone.

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by Cristina Isabel (Goodreads Author)


Shin The Bookworm‘s review

Feb 04, 15

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Read on February 03, 2015

A collection of poems that speaks of a lot of pain, sadness, and hopelessness. A collection of poems which remind us that even in the darkest moments of our lives when things seemed to be all impossible, there’s always a hope for things to get better and with God’s guidance, we can win from the struggles and battles in our own lives. As long as we don’t give up in trying and fighting harder in winning our own battles, we can have a better life we deserve….

Most of the poems reflect my life that made me literally cry. My favorite were “Heart of Stone, “Monster in My Head”, “Harpoon My Madness”, and “Break the Chains, Be Free Within”. With my constant battle with bpd, this book enlightened and inspired me.

This is a recommended book with relatable collection of poems that will inspire readers especially those who suffers from depression.

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By Virginia Martin on December 16, 2014

Format: Paperback

Cristina Isabel debuts as an author with her first poetry book, “Break the Chains, Be Freed Within”. She shares her experiences and personal battles with depression, sadness and helplessness. Her poems are poignant and thought provoking, with a message of hope that you can overcome your darkest moments. The chains that hold you back can be broken to allow you to be free, and be who you are meant to be.

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