Queen of Legacy: Merle R. Saferstein

AUTHOR BIO: As the director of educational outreach at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center for twenty-six years, Merle Saferstein worked closely with hundreds of Holocaust survivors helping them to pass along their Legacy of Remembrance to hundreds of thousands of students and teachers. When she retired from the Holocaust Center, she developed a course... Continue Reading →

The Juggling of 2: Mother & Horror Author – Patricia Stover

AUTHOR BIO: Patricia Stover is a horror author whose works have been published in The Horror Zine, Scout Media, Cafe Macabre II, and Weirdsmith. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Stover resides in a small town near the Oklahoma/Texas border. She discovered her love of horror at a young age and was raised on campy 80s horror flicks. Her favorite... Continue Reading →

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