The Lovely Wild in Me by Hannah Herrera


The Lovely Wild in Me



The Lovely Wild in Me has three parts it speaks to: Anguish, Yearn and Mend (Heal).  And within each section are poems that inspire you to see your own life from a different perspective.  You are left remembering those very things that hurt you, or broke you, but in the end did not define you.  They didn’t define you because you are still here.  You healed from it and you let it go.  Each section read, I gathered favorites and wrote them down, but in the Mend (Heal) section is where my favorites tripled.  Healing from bad things isn’t the easiest thing to do and everyone will tell you or suggest to you how to do it.  Ultimately though, you have to find a way to heal yourself your own way and in your own time.  Sometimes, if not all the times, we forget to heal ourselves from past events, or maybe we feel we don’t deserve to or simply, we just don’t want to.  The ability to heal from something requires you to delve deeper into the realm of the past, going through it and then releasing it.  The hardest part for anyone, myself included, is the ability to walk through that fire once again and relive those moments.  But how do you truly heal if you don’t walk through that path again?  It will only constantly relive itself in you if you don’t pull them out like weeds.  You will scar, yes, and it’s okay.  Those scars, I’ve come to find, only remind us of what we’ve been through and what we’ve got out of.  You are still unique.  You are still beautiful.  And not anything less.

From Anguish:

“Roses slice

you open

when you

grip them

too tightly;

people are

like roses,

I’ve cut my

hands for


who only

bloom for

a season.”


From Yearn:

“He is the



each scar

of mine

& he whispers

that I’m

still beautiful.”


From Mend (Heal):

“I picked up

pieces of


scattered about

like a

jigsaw puzzle

& then

I tenderly kissed

each and every part,

-an apology to myself”


Sweetwater Black: A Short Horror Story (Book 1) by Hannah Herrera


Sweetwater Black


A sweet, little piece of horror at your fingertips. Short, but perfect in it’s own way. The only thing I need to add is, where is the next story for me to read?

Riptides by Hannah Herrera




This would be perfect to read sitting under an umbrella, with a drink in hand and relaxing on the beach. Riptides had me in a different world, as if I was reading a mermaid’s tale in the form of poetry. And being caught in the waves of her magic was only the beginning. Here is a small piece of it:

When life
the unimaginable
at you and you’re
in an unbreakable

Don’t struggle
against it.

It’s scary as
but if you
stay calm,
you’ll be able
to break
the vicious cycle,
and swim towards
better things
meant for you.


The Hostage Bloom by Hannah Herrera


The Hostage Bloom


The beautiful thing about The Hostage Bloom, is that despite what dark corner you were placed in to die, you will live.  Abuse, of any kind, is hard to heal from because of the long lasting effects that are birthed from it.  You can end up losing yourself in a relationship because of the way it makes you feel.  The truth is, a lot of the times we are holding on to a beautiful idea of what we thought the relationship was or how it should be.  Also, it can be one-sided, in which you feel a certain type of way meanwhile the other is just coasting through the emotions.  It is very hard to believe you can survive a crushing blow that abuse can cause, but in due time you can.  I felt I can relate to a few of these poems that talked to certain types of abuse, because it is not always physical, but it shares a mental, psychological aspect as well.  You end up learning just how strong you really are after abuse and while you will never be the same as you were before, you will become a stronger version that sheds all that darkness away.  And though it will leave a scar, the scar reminds you that you’re a survivor.  And YOU ARE going to be okay.  In fact, more than okay!  Some of my favorites are: The Cat & Mouse game, Taking a sip really means a damn gulp, Shatter, Cheated, The Hostage Bloom, A Diamond in the rough and The Jigsaw Puzzle.