I’m Fine…And Other Lies by Whitney Cummings


I’m Fine…And Other Lies


Raw and Beautiful.  A true, inspiring memoir about mistakes, regrets and what true beauty is in a person.  Loving and accepting your imperfections, despite who might ridicule you because of them (including yourself).  This book has made me laugh, cry and think twice about the stories shared.  I commend Whitney for being so open about the uncomfortable parts of her life, that is what truly makes her human.  You are your hardest critic and once you can silence that critic, everybody else doesn’t matter.  There are both internal and external forces that help influence how you see yourself.  Some positive and some negative and it’s in the learning that we come to understand what the negatives are and how to handle them.  A lot of the times it is handled not in the best ways.  What can be taken from reading this memoir? – well, for starters, make sure you have a well put sense of humor about life, especially yours.  Be open to vulnerability and know it’s okay if you’re not perfect.  Don’t keep the toxic people in your life out of comfort, cut them out.  Instead, surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.  The difference will be highly noted.  And you will feel better about yourself and the company you keep.