Beat your Heart Out is now on KINDLE!

Beat your Heart Out on your Kindle!

Another announcement that I am also proud to share, is that I’ve made it so now you can download Beat your Heart Out on your kindle. 🙂

Happy Reading my little horrorlings! (Just in time for Halloween!)


Here you go –> Beat your Way to Kindle


***If you wait it will be free starting October 1st – 5th!***


Cristina Isabel

Poetry is NOT DEAD has been RELEASED!

POETRY IS NOT DEAD, It is very much ALIVE!

First, I’d like to say Thank you to all those who were waiting for the release of Poetry is Not Dead and being patient in its release.  I had to push this project back for personal reasons, as well as technical reasons.

But, now it is available as a paperback, Click for more Poetry

And…(drum roll, please!)

I am excited to share that its Kindle counterpart is available for pre-order, Pre-order for more Poetry (Available January 21st, 2020)

Now the big question, How can I get a copy of this fabulous poetry collection?

A: I am working on giveaways as we speak, so please be on the lookout!

And, as always, if you find it in your heart to purchase a copy, please write a review and share it.

(Both review and book!)

Much Love,

Cristina Isabel ❤