Said and Done (Poetry Block 6)


Remember what you said

You said you’d never leave, but

My mind feels so corrupted by being misled


All the pieces that were mending

That anger is a beast

I’m not your punching bag

Yet you don’t see how the beatings bury the deceased


Forgiveness is freely given

But to forget is out of range

You must endure and pay the price

Now I’m gone because of your mistake


What you do best in hiding

When the truth is committing suicide in your head

You’re running laps

From the pain that is putting you out of breath


When nothing else is working

And your demons are gaining on you

The light does not shine for you, a direction

Until you finally accept the truth


You’ve reached the end of your rope

No more chances are given

And the price has now been raised

For now the devil has your soul committed

Poet’s Thoughts:

People have the tendency to tell you one thing but then do something else. When you mistreat someone or act out against a loved one it creates a separation. A separation that can destroy the friendship/relationship. You want to make sure that you find him/her and make it right because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life regretting how much better things could have been if you had put your ego aside and apologized, forgiven.

A Sort of Rebirth (Poetry Block 5)

Thunder roars in the sky like a lion untamed

Rain feels like stones falling from the sky

The oceans seem over flowing in their abundant waves

And rainbows light up the saddest eyes

Like footprints in the sand

Love imprints the heart

Distance creates experience

And families are built in stronger parts

As for the chilled seed in winter

That lays still and startled by the storm

Through the cracks of life’s new monuments

Will grow fruitful and rejoice

Poet’s Thoughts:

Nature is beautiful and we need to learn to appreciate it a little more. For it is in the rain and the sunlight that we can replenish our lives. In life we have plenty of battles we face and there are moments within the battles we feel defeated. But as long as we have love in our hearts all the time we’re going to be more than okay. Love connects us back to everything if one is willing to accept it.

Reckless Endangerment (Poetry Block 4)

Three days of no sleep

Becomes a few months with no peace

Popping pills is only temporary

And I’ve become extinct to any sanctuary

The nightmares are streaming

And I’m only halfway living

Possible became impossible

And the very small become colossal

The once hopeful patriot

Becomes the knight of reckless endangerment

Drinks for altered egos

Standing in the street observing other freaks called people

Occasionally writing up suicidal letters

Trying to escape assuming it will make it all better

Looking down from the edge to the hardest conclusion

This reckless persona offers no resolution

Poet’s Thoughts:

One of the times where I was fighting against myself. I was trying everything I could to escape the emotional pain I was feeling. The pills I was popping, anywhere from 5-6 at a time gave me nothing more but stomach aches. They weren’t pills that could really harm me but I was trying whatever I could. Drinking also became a habit as I drowned in it almost every night until I had forgotten what had me down in the first place. But the feel was only temporary as I’d go right back to feeling down, feeling the emotional pain again. I found myself crying a lot, asking myself why? Why are you doing this? It will only get worse if you continue down this path. It took a lot for me to see that, but I saw it. And I stopped.

Rooftop Blues (Poetry Block 3)

Staring down at the city

So peaceful from up above

Yet my heart feels burdened

And running empty on love

The tears of the suffering

Are in my every thought

And I am just one person

Looking down at this once beautiful city, now gone

The streets are deserted

No lights to shine a way

What life is left here not burning

Has been left to a temporary save

So as I stand here

Wings spread out for peace

For the many that lay weary

I will lay my life for them to be free

Poet’s Thoughts: 

When we take the time to step back and appreciate what we have all around us, it is beautiful, breathtaking even. But sometimes we get greedy and the very thing we come to love, we also destroy. We find ourselves trying to pick up the pieces but it’s never the same like when we first have something, or when we first experience something. Yet, somewhere unknown to us there is always someone or some circumstance that brings us back to what we had forgotten. 


Solid Rock (Poetry Block 2)

Looking for a balance

Or something that makes sense

Tired of that emotion

That fills up on emptiness

It’s hard to find solutions

When you keep on getting caught

The next few days may look dreary

But your faith will not

Certain ground may be unstable

Enemies and obstacles will knock

But you always stand as the strong one

Standing with two feet on solid rock

Poet’s Thoughts:

We all fall at one point, sometimes we stay down and out, especially when everything hits us all at once. But this poem offers hope that no matter what we face, no matter how hard we’re hit, we can handle it. And…we’re going to come out on top!