Rooftop Blues (Poetry Block 3)

Staring down at the city

So peaceful from up above

Yet my heart feels burdened

And running empty on love

The tears of the suffering

Are in my every thought

And I am just one person

Looking down at this once beautiful city, now gone

The streets are deserted

No lights to shine a way

What life is left here not burning

Has been left to a temporary save

So as I stand here

Wings spread out for peace

For the many that lay weary

I will lay my life for them to be free

Poet’s Thoughts: 

When we take the time to step back and appreciate what we have all around us, it is beautiful, breathtaking even. But sometimes we get greedy and the very thing we come to love, we also destroy. We find ourselves trying to pick up the pieces but it’s never the same like when we first have something, or when we first experience something. Yet, somewhere unknown to us there is always someone or some circumstance that brings us back to what we had forgotten.