Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King


Cycle of the Werewolf

Review: One of the most quickest reads ever but still a fun read. I finished this in a few hours since each chapter is maybe a page or two each. I like how it explains literally the month to month cycle of the werewolf and how each attack takes place. I felt it got right into the story and there was no extra unnecessary words or descriptions.

Mr Mercedes by Stephen King


Mr Mercedes

Review: Brady is….Mr Mercedes….

In the City Center Massacre 8 were killed, 15 wounded. A crime Mr Mercedes is very proud of and gets away with. Months later, retired cop Hodges receives a letter from Mr Mercedes himself stating he enjoyed the car killing massacre and plans on taking it to the next level. After asking some friends for help in hunting down Mr Mercedes, Hodges is more than determined to bring an end to this cat and mouse game. But can Hodges unmask the true identity of Mr Mercedes before he strikes again? Or will Mr Mercedes get the biggest thrill he has been waiting for in his next killing spree which could kill thousands?