Combustion Amongst the Stars/poetry

Poetry related to how we feel amongst the energies of others and how we are affected by them, with trying to understand our own energy.

Release Date: TBD


You don’t know how good it is to feel alive after feeling on the brink of death.

She feels it.


That energy that got rekindled after being blown out.

After the wind took her voice.

Alive! She screams it out.

The heat, the chaos boiling, raging inside her.

A call to her aid.

She feels it now more than ever. Heat amplified.

Something inside her has awaken.

‘Bout damn time, too!

It builds at her fingertips as she’s itching to ‘flame on’!

Her entire being tingles from accelerated heartbeats.

Louder than drums.

She feels like she’s about to ignite. Climax.


People speak of water and healing, but fire can heal too!

It can set the skin on fire and allow new flesh to grow.

It can burn away the ugliness of it all, the torment of it all.

Ashes of bad memories and nothing more.

The wind can take it back.

This time she has a voice.

She was drowning before, unable to will her lungs to breathe.

Now, they’re on fire.

A new woman has emerged.

Gone is the weakling who cocooned herself into hiding.

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