Butchers by Todd Sullivan

Butchers Review: This is not your typical run-of-the-mill vampire novella. It gets quick into action and doesn’t disappoint. In a world where vampires exist so do rules. Rules that must be obeyed and if they aren’t, then you have to deal with the Natural Police, an order within the organization known as Gwanlyo. Min Gun is part of the Natural Police and is known for “butchering” vampires who get out of line. His current mission is to hunt one of their own named Cheol Yu. But things get complicated when Sey-Mi, an innocent high school student finds herself in the … Continue reading Butchers by Todd Sullivan

Madeline by Craig McGray

Madeline Review: From page one you are standing in an unexpected, terrifying position as you read about a mother ready to kill her daughter for the greater good. A father who has no idea what has gotten into his wife and a daughter he has to, at all costs, protect. Jonah’s wife, Julia, has been acting strange and has secluded herself from the rest of the family. She has been buying books to help inspire her so-called art; the only problem is the books she is buying deal more on a macabre level. None of it makes sense and Jonah … Continue reading Madeline by Craig McGray

Rag Doll by Troy McCombs

Rag Doll Review: I was sucker-punched to believe this would be a great, short read. It lived up to its being short, but not so great. I’m not one for giving two star ratings, but the concept failed to execute thus subtracting one star. Rag Doll has its moments, but not very many. At times, the flow felt rushed and was far from being executed properly. There is no issue with it being short, but no matter how short it should still have a proper beginning, middle and end. What’s to salvage from this? Not its ending! Maybe further expanding … Continue reading Rag Doll by Troy McCombs

Out of the Fire and Into the Pan by Shannon O’Leary

Out of the Fire and Into the Pan Review: The Blood on my Hands was a roller coaster of emotions and very hard to read through without feeling some type of way.  It’s counterpart, Out of the Fire and Into the Pan, is no easier to digest.  The trauma continues from the age of 15 all the way into adulthood.  The aftermath has left several people, Shannon included, in an array of broken pieces of self.  The struggles are real and screaming out to find a way to cope; but how does one really cope when the pain is so far … Continue reading Out of the Fire and Into the Pan by Shannon O’Leary

The Lovely Wild in Me by Hannah Herrera

The Lovely Wild in Me   Review: The Lovely Wild in Me has three parts it speaks to: Anguish, Yearn and Mend (Heal).  And within each section are poems that inspire you to see your own life from a different perspective.  You are left remembering those very things that hurt you, or broke you, but in the end did not define you.  They didn’t define you because you are still here.  You healed from it and you let it go.  Each section read, I gathered favorites and wrote them down, but in the Mend (Heal) section is where my favorites … Continue reading The Lovely Wild in Me by Hannah Herrera