Book Review: The Sea Witch: A Little Mermaid Retelling (For the Love of the Villain, 1)

★★★★★ Review: The perfect retelling of A Little Mermaid I didn't know I needed. There was a perfect amount of spice between the characters, and nothing felt rushed. The story flowed beautifully. A fresh perspective focusing on the villain and their 'ever after'. The Sea Witch is worth the read and will have you falling... Continue Reading →

A Little Space

Take a break and Recharge! Hey Fans! Sorry it has taken awhile for me to get back here. I didn't just need space from writing, but from everything. Sometimes I find things so overwhelming and instead of being stuck, I just pull away and take a break from everything altogether. I had to find me... Continue Reading →

From being, “Photographer of the Stars” to “Photographer that Never Sleeps!”; The Great, Fabian Suarez!

The Photographer of the Stars is back at it again! Between taking pictures of beautiful landscapes to the beautiful randomness of life, Fabian Suarez is there to capture it with a click. (Insert clicking noises) 😉 Back in January of this year Fabian was featured as a guest artist sharing his interests about Photography and... Continue Reading →

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