Solomon’s Whisper by Sandra Brannan


Solomon’s Whisper

Review: Let me just start off by saying, Mind Blown. In a very good way.

There, and now, the review. In this fifth installment of the Liv Bergen mystery series a lot is going to put Liv in a spiral. Liv is pulled into another case involving family, particularly her niece, Brianna Keller, but it’s not just any case. It’s a cold case, given to her by Streeter Pierce, mentor and friend, in hopes of convincing her to stay with the FBI and motivation for her to know she is keeping her family safe. As the case starts to unravel Liv begins to wonder which side some of her teammates are on while being close on the heels of a killer. But, someone has been stalking Liv and it has been keeping her on high alert. Can Liv bring this killer to justice after all these years? Will she come face to face with who is stalking her? A lot will hit home as sudden truths and intentions are revealed to Liv, keeping you at the edge of your seat, all the way until the very end!

Definitely loved the plot twists and character twists in this story, very surprised, shocked even. The chemistry between the characters are what make this book come to life for me as well as the thrilling moments that keep me wanting to turn the pages just to find out what happens.

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