The Last Straw by Ed Duncan


The Last Straw


We are thrown back into hell after the father of a teenage girl is killed right in front of her. She saw something she shouldn’t have and now someone wants her dead.  It turns out the bullet was actually meant for her and not her father.  It is up to a family friend and attorney to figure out who is after her and why, but as the mystery keeps unraveling, there is a lot more at stake this time.  The friend crosses paths with a guy from his past and together they must put their differences aside to try to eliminate the threat.  There are quite a few people linked to the assassin and his reason for killing the girl comes to light.  But can the attorney trust this guy from the past?  Will he be able to kill the assassin himself or will he be placed in the middle of the crossfire?  The Last Straw  has you spiraling for answers to how this will all end.  Hold on, and enjoy the ride.

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