“28 Reasons”

I was complimented on my “28 Reasons” board that I made in January and presented in February to my fiance, Hector Rivera.  Therefore, I wanted to talk briefly about what inspired the board.

When I’m home, not working on writing or reading, I like to do crafts.  I do miss going to art class and learning new techniques.  In elementary and junior high, I have Mrs. Mesa to thank for teaching me awesome art lessons and in high school, Mrs. Canosa.  So, thank you guys for being art teachers and sticking to the craft.

I decided to write my fiance 28 reasons why I love him and put them into tiny envelopes (and yes, I also saw a video on how to make those as well and it was quite easy!).  When he’d come home from work, he would open up an envelope and read the specific reason and place it back into the envelope.  Eventually, a project will be done with those reasons 😉

It was a fun, little project and I recommend everyone to do it, whether you’re writing reasons to stuff into tiny, cute envelopes or taping those reasons to the door.  You can make them for any family member or someone you love (friend or significant other) and I believe it’s a unique type of gift, because it’s more personal. ❤



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