Madeline by Craig McGray




From page one you are standing in an unexpected, terrifying position as you read about a mother ready to kill her daughter for the greater good. A father who has no idea what has gotten into his wife and a daughter he has to, at all costs, protect. Jonah’s wife, Julia, has been acting strange and has secluded herself from the rest of the family. She has been buying books to help inspire her so-called art; the only problem is the books she is buying deal more on a macabre level. None of it makes sense and Jonah is forced to confront his wife about her behavior towards their daughter, Madeline. Jonah’s hand is forced as he must choose to save his daughter or his wife. As the story unfolds you begin to think Jonah may be in way over his head. Madeline proves to be a perfect beginning and a perfect ending for a horror short.

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