Before You Tie the Knot by Dr. Angela Butts Chester


Before You Tie the Knot


“Before you tie the Knot” is a perfect guide for couples to evaluate their future together.  The workbook covers 7 important aspects: Relationships, Education and Career, Finances, Home and Housekeeping, Children and Parenting, Social Activities and Red Flags.  Each section contains questions regarding the topics as well as a section asking you what you learned about each other.  This workbook is meant to be used by the couple together so they can answer these decision making questions accurately and honestly.  These questions are also made to help put in perspective the future for a long term commitment to one another.  It enables the couple to come together and talk about their future as a whole and as individuals.  Goals are different on an individual base, but there are goals, such as having a family, being a couple based goal.

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