Love for Slaughter by Sara Tantlinger


Love for Slaughter


The most disgusting selection of poetry I have ever read in my entire life (and that’s a great thing!).  And while the entire selection is my favorite, I do have personal favorites (which I’ll get to in a minute).  Totally had mind blown at reading poetry under a different light and what a remarkably, grotesque and genuine light it is.  A lot were read over and over again because the words were just so appealing, my eyes were bleeding reading them.  Sara has a beautiful gift of writing this kind of poetry, I can’t wait to read more like this.  It inspired me to restart my own collection of dark poetry that I had shelved a few years back, so Thank you Sara for allowing me revive that heartbeat.  Now, for my favorites, here they are: Nyctophilia, Heart for a Corpse, Obeyed, Serenades for Dead Lovers, Apocalypse Girl, Muse Incarnate, Letters on your Spine, Shards in your Eyes, Mirror Me, Eye Candy, Crawl to Me, Countdown, Death for my Darling, Vampire Violets, Hell’s Hallelujah, To Be Strange, Of Sunlight, Match Mouth, Love For Slaughter (without a doubt), Vices, Cardiac, Fateful Unfaithful, Riven, The Lies He Loved Me With, Pink Caterpillars, Sonata of the Slain, When the Hero Bleeds, Simpatico, The Wrong side of Midnight, Lawless, Heaven’s Ripper, Charades of the Vodka Affair, Predator Haunt, Knifed, Masterpiece, The Sin in Saint and Your Last Bullet.

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