Time (Poetry Block 41)

There is never enough,

yet there is plenty.

Even when you’ve paused,

it continues.


Whatever holds you back,

please, let it go.

It is soon to wither in the wind.


It is precious.

you must take care of it.

Once it is lost,

it cannot be retrieved.


Be careful of unspoken words,

because even silent words collect dust.

Don’t wait to speak what’s on your mind.


Cherish the moment, in the here and now.

What is past has passed.

But what lies ahead may change.


Embrace often.

Love always.


This gift should not be taken lightly.

Use it wisely.

Because once it slips from your hands,

there is no return to sender.


For this is time.


Poet’s Thoughts:

I feel that we at times take “time” for granted, myself included, at least I used to.  I was afraid to say how I felt about someone or something, but then I would regret not having said anything at all.  Now I know better.  If you’re going to say something to someone, be it good, bad or indifferent, just make it the truth.   That is more rewarding than anything else when it comes to words.  The saying, “I’d rather you hurt me with the truth, than comfort me with a lie” explains it all.  I’ll get over it in my own time, but at least you gave me the courtesy of knowing the truth.  I’ve always believed in, if you feel it, say it.  If I feel to tell you “I Love You”, then I’m going to tell you as many times and it shouldn’t bother you, because in all honesty, we all could use a lot of Love.  That is one thing that can be given freely and repeatedly. 😉

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